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the web and how we can make it work for you

An effective online presence is a must-have for any organisation, big or small. Here at Torch, we can design you a stunning website to suit your budget. We’ll also help you to make sure that everyone can find it when they tap your name into Google. We think that great website design is about having a site that not only looks fantastic, but is well written, easy to find and effortless to use. Torch Design will help you maximise the benefits of the web by ensuring that your site meets your expectations and those of the people who visit it.

Whether you're after

• a simple online brochure to establish your web presence
• a content management system giving you complete editorial control of your site, or
• an e-commerce solution that works as a wonderful shop window on the web for your business…

Torch will provide you with highly professional results.

We’ll make your website look as good on an IPhone as it does on your desktop. We’ll also help you to use the ever-changing world of social media to make sure your brand is always only a click away. Let us take the terror out of Twitter and the fear out of Facebook!

Static brochure sites

If you're on a tight budget and looking for a simple online presence that acts as a 'shop window' for your company or organisation, then a static site could be what you're looking for. A static site is simply a website that doesn't have the functionality built in for the client to change the content. However, it can still be a serious marketing tool to get you noticed on the web!

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a very powerful web solution that allows the client to manage all content changes and future updates. A CMS is also extremely 'Google Friendly', which means that by using the right keywords and descriptions (Search Engine Optimisation), which we will advise you on, your site will get noticed.


If you want to really maximise your sales with minimum fuss, then an e-commerce system is an absolute must. E-commerce sites have all of the functionality of a Content Management System, but with the addition of an 'e-shop' that allows people to buy directly from your company online.

As with our Content Management Systems, we will provide you with a complete tailor-made package that will get your products to your online market. If you would like to find out more, then give us a call or drop us a mail.

Social media

These days, it seems everyone’s tweeting, updating their status and checking up on others on ‘social media’ sites. When you can follow your local pub on Twitter and befriend your bus company on Facebook, it’s clearly time to get on board. To help keep you ahead of all that’s happening online we can help you to create and maintain Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and LinkedIn profiles.

Blogs and forums

Blogs – which started as online diaries – can form an essential part of promoting what you do. If you fancy joining the ‘Blogosphere’, we can help you to do it from your website.

A blog lets you shout about the services you offer, but an online forum (which we can also add to your website), lets your customers tell you what they think about them - or share views and opinions.

E-newsletters and email sign-ups

E-newsletters are a powerful tool for giving people information about your services, and gathering vital data about their needs and preferences. We can help build and maintain effective 'e-campaigns', both ‘stand-alone’ and working in conjunction with your website.

How much will it cost..?

We always do our utmost to ensure that we deliver maximum value for money, and because we keep our overheads deliberately low, it means that we can offer the quality and experience of a large web design agency, but at small agency prices.



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